Armidale house


In 2019, Studio Trudeau was commissioned to design a new dwelling for a young family on the outskirts of Armidale, on an environmentally sensitive site that is also a koala habitat. The design – four major and four minor pavilions, interconnected around a central courtyard – is a considered response to the hot, dry summers and freezing cold winters. Built to Passive House standards, the floors, walls and roofs are all of cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels, allowing a quick build and tight seals. Heavy external insulation, fire-resistant cladding (hardwood timber and FC sheet), triple-glazing throughout, a carefully-designed heat recovery and ventilation (HRV) system and extensive solar panel system ensures that the house will have:
  • a constant supply of fresh air (filtered of dust and particles);
  • a comfortable temperature at all times, with no cold spots or drafts;
  • a quiet internal environment; and
  • a minimal energy bill!
And if the weather is pleasant, all the doors and windows can be opened. Key windows frame wide views of the landscape, while the inner courtyard allows abundant daylight to enter all areas, while retaining a sense of intimacy and warmth. The project has received DA approval.


  • Architectural Design
  • Contract Administration
  • Construction Certificate (permit compliance)
  • Development Application (planning permission)
  • Heritage Impact Statement
  • Statement of Environmental Effects
  • BASIX Certificate
  • Consultant Coordination
  • Client Advisory


Construction Documentation.

The house presents changing volumes at each view, and is revealed here in full at the end of a tree-lined driveway.
Formal and informal plantings surround the house and create strong visual contrasts.
The central courtyard anchors the house, providing a protected sanctuary that floods all areas of the house with abundant daylight.
Like the music and dining rooms to the north and south, the playroom connects to the larger corner pavilions: the door at left to the childrens' bedrooms; the door at right to the lounge room.
Site plan.
Ground floor plan
North elevation
Section N-S

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