In November 2019, we started work with Saint Ignatius College, Riverview (Lane Cove, Sydney), to carry out a conservation and functional assessment of the archive, and from that, to develop a series of refurbishment proposals to optimise and increase the layout, functions and interiors of the school’s museum and archive.


On the basis of staff interviews, room-by-room analysis of pathologies, constraints and opportunities, and the input of specialist consultants, the project outlined how to deliver improved functionality, storage, access, services, lighting, presentation and security.

Final proposals provided for:

  • preliminary conservation and refurbishment works to repair and stabilise degraded building fabric;

  • works to improve internal environmental control; and

  • works to upgrade the storage and display areas of the museum and archive, to improve and increase the area’s capacity as an educational and archival resource, and to give it a distinctive identity and presence.


Completed in February 2020, our work provides a roadmap for the archive over the next 15 years, delivering much-improved interfaces with the collection, better learning experiences, and up to 30% more area – including a whole new research area and library – without new external construction.


Studio Trudeau also went beyond the brief to deliver a long-range proposal that coordinated with key capital works of campus upgrade plans.


The project was a fantastic opportunity that drew on our skills and experience in design, building analysis, material collections and art displays.



Main Building. Image courtesy St Ignatius College.

Archive and museum, existing plan.

Archive and museum, proposed plan, long-term.

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